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Owner and responsable for the content

Werner Unterkalmsteiner
Carpentry Holztraum

Via Roma 130
I-39014 Postal / Merano / South Tyrol

T +39 0473 292 381
M +39 347 0125468
F +39 0473 292 497


VAT no. IT02830970212
Tax no. NTRWNR84E25A952C

Commercial register REA BZ-209338

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The company HOLZTRAUM does not have any influence on contents or the creation of third party sites, which are possibily to be reached through this website and have not been checked by HOLZTRAUM. For this reason HOLZTRAUM does not take any responsability of that third party content.

graphic concepts:

Linienwerk by Liane Stadler

technical implementation:

SD-Soft by Stefan Dietl

editorial content and visuals:

Carpentry Holztraum