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From traditional wooden finishes to unusual and innovative surfaces. Our biggest effort is meeting your individual needs.


a piece of nature

Because of its infinite variety in the use and realization, wood is one of the most extraordinary and unique raw material in nature. Wood at its natural state definitely contributes to a greater well-being for everyone and to a harmonious environment.



resistant and varied designs

Our impressive variety of surfaces is the perfect starting point for infinite ideas and realizations.



experience emotions

With a simple perception of a color, this triggers a certain feeling or impulse which we associate to that precise color. We concentrate on introducing specifically your colors and the positive energy related to them for the realization of your individual piece of furniture.



alliance of nature and timeless

This naturally created material is an essential component of the earth. Highly water-repellent, very hygienic and easy to keep clean, are just some of the characteristics which perfectly meet the properties for kitchen work tops. A natural looking stone imparts a noble and timeless character on your furniture.



expression of hot and cold

Metal allows nature’s forces to return to its origins, it is thermo formable and versatile. Steel or stainless steel has extraordinary possibilities of shaping as well as an enduring lifetime. Therefore, metal can be brought in furniture as an added value and in relation to wood, it can bring a positive harmony within the environment.

Metall naturbelassen


resistant and clear

Highly pressure, corrosion and temperature resistant, neutral in taste and odor are just some of the varied characteristics which make glass a unique raw material. Realizations are quite multiple and add a more elegant value to your piece of furniture.



for a more relaxing and higher quality of life

When choosing a covering textile both your personal preference and usage are crucial. Each covering material has its pros and cons. Our mission is to pay attention to the colors and its proper fitting to the space. Whether elegant, classic, modern or unusual…we realize your personal and tailor-made upholstered furniture.