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our vision

What matters to us

We work with and on wooden materials which we fully process first of all, as an extremely high-quality raw material, and also as by-product (such as bark, chips, sawdust, dowels, etc.). By recycling all wooden components, we gain precious renewable energy used for our offices and production site and therefore, for a low environmental impact.

HOLZTRAUM fights for a responsible and natural forest management. For this principle, we try our best to support a sustainable forestry with so-called PEFC-certificate („Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes“). An international and the most significant label to improve the sustainable harnessing of forests worldwide.

Domestic wood

Covering about 42% (approx. 311.000 ha) of the South Tyrol’s area, forests are of increasing and crucial importance. For the preservation of nature, its biodiversity and especially, of our quality of life, when choosing wooden raw materials we always give to local forest manager the preferential right.

Zero-mile domestic wood

Giving an added value to our precious domestic wood, we would like to donate something special to you, for a stronger and more sustainable customer awareness. We are going to fulfill your personal dream of wood, by handing over recordings from the roots and origins to the completion of your unique piece of wooden furniture.


We make our contribution to the preservation and fully respect of our nature. Our vision is to use raw materials, but more in general, to act in an environmentally conscious way. Therefore, we avoid long and polluting transportation of our precious raw materials.

Thanks to a close partnership with local foresters we process primarily so-called “ZERO-MILE” domestic wood. Our nature and its authenticity is our main concern!