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To make your dreams of wood came true, we lay our complete passion and professionalism into your hands. Together with you we elaborate and work on creative and tailor-made interior concepts, which meet your individual needs and your personal nature.
Before being enthusiastic and convinced about something, first of all you need a greater understanding about what the whole concept is about. This is the principle why we offer a complete and overall service: from the first sketching and material sourcing to the production and finally to the fitting of our own interior concepts.

consulting & planning

Our sketches are professional 3D views and presentations, virtual and veridical illustration (also on site) for a better understanding of how your interiors will look like. We sketch and plan in minute detail for you. We take our time to focus on your personal preferences (materials, colors and shapes), by finding the right balance of all elements.

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We attach great importance to the traditional art and craft. Our laboratory optimally equipped, knowing the newest methods for wood refinement and processing.

Massivholz Verarbeitung

benches & tables

Thanks to a 50-years experience in the production of benches and tables, there are infinite solutions that we can offer you. Whether a rustic, classic, modern or minimal design, we are able to meet all your requirements.

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upholsery work

Only the right sofa will help you relaxing and relieving ordinary daily stress. This is way we endeavor after creating your personal tailor-made upholstered furniture.


own production and sale of wooden dowels

A complete processing of wooden raw material ranks first for us. This consideration led to our own production of special high-quality wooden dowels. These dowels are a unique and valuable tool for connecting wooden furniture elements. Instead of the usual screws, it is a much more environmentally friendly solution, obtained by solid oak, ash and beech wood. Thanks to its spiral-shaped riffle, it gives strength and stability and therefore, a higher quality to the furniture.

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Our highly qualified and experienced staff is going to complete all fittings very accurately. Therefore, a precise fitting work for your interior concepts is part of our service. We know in detail your furniture, on what we have to pay attention to and so, there are no secrets.